Complex drug discovery and computational modeling powered by AI, can help gain early insights into the working of drugs that improve hit rates and downstream development effort.

AI Journey: Transformation of Operations towards Software + People Model

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Infosys Nia, the next generation purposeful AI platform, collects and aggregates data from people, processes and legacy systems into a self-learning knowledge base and automates repetitive business and IT processes. This enables businesses to use information without human intervention.  


Challenges & Solutions

  • Self-service of key decision support required, through planning and conduct of clinical trial.
  • Data integration of in-flight and past trials to build learning capabilities and predictive modelling.

Integrated AI based auto-generation, collaborative review, automated quality review, and associated workflow/task management.

  • Cognitive “disease-based assistants” to improve adherence, education and emergency management.
  • IOT-based real-time data capture to improve patient monitoring and engagement

  • Automate case capture (suspected) and qualification from secondary sources - social media, patient communities, EMR and claims datasets etc.

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