Life Sciences must focus on their R&D Productivity to create new drugs for real world outcomes. Unlock your clinical supply potential as efficient supply chains are thea key to success.

CTSM add-on Suite has been implemented at leading pharmaceutical companies.

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Every new drug signals hope to millions of patients. However, its journey to the market is not easy as it goes through rigorous clinical trials that may span years. It also involves a significant financial outlay. Therefore, life sciences organizations need to focus on attaining productivity and curbing costs during the research and development cycle of drugs. Infosys Consulting presents the Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management Add-on Suite® — a complete set of tools and industry best practices for the end-to-end management of the Clinical Trials supply chain.

Designed as an extension of SAP’s powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, the Clinical Trials Supply Chain Management Add-on Suite® leverages the existing core of supply chain management capabilities of SAP and enhances it to accommodate the intricacies, business processes, and unique requirements of clinical trials in life sciences organizations.


Challenges & Solutions

Expiry date based planning (EDBP) – new automatic planning solution reducing averages and avoiding a potential out-of-drug situation

Manage packaging time by making patient-centric ‘on-demand’ models, thus increasing flexibility and reducing costs, in comparison to the replenish-to-stock model.

Enhanced serial number and order management coupled with Automated warehouse picking with radio frequency devices integrated with CTMS and IVRS systems.

Batch allocation cockpit, supporting use-by-date calculation scenarios

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