Patient-centricity and patient engagement are core to the Life Sciences companies’ strategy to innovate and deliver medicinal products and services. Most of our clients are already working aggressively in this direction to go beyond patient education and companion applications into patient self-management and digital biomarkers-based solutions.

We at Infosys are providing an AI-based SaMD compliant, Digital Health Platform designed to simplify self-managing chronic conditions. Our next-generation software platform is built to power connected health and thereby transform the patient experience.

Our platform delivers personalized, meaningful, and actionable insights to engage the patient proactively in self-managing chronic conditions. Timely and data-driven insights improve the patient’s self-efficacy and give back control of their health condition.

Modular, Compliant and Personalized - Accelerate connected health and SaMD programs


Infosys Digital Health Platform delivers actionable and predictive insights on-demand to simplify the everyday decision-making process of self-management of chronic medical conditions for the patients.

Our cloud native, microservices-based, and multi-channel enabled platform empowers patients with personalized and proactive alerts to reduce the risk of emergency hospital visits. Real-time monitoring of nutrition, wellness indicators, and physical activity simplifies adherence to a healthy regime.

Infosys Digital Health Platform is designed to support Class I, II, and III medical devices. Our analytics and AI-based platform is compliant with FDA and EMA requirements.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Digital Health Platform ingesting data and signals from any device and in any format to calculate and adjust meal and medicine intake. These contextual insights keep decision-making simple and data driven.

Being mindful of patient preferences, Infosys Digital Health platform alerts patients with push notifications and scheduled reminders. We empower the platform users to stay motivated and proactive in self-management.

Real-time monitoring and interventional functionality of our platform help prevent life-threatening situations. With predictive insights delivered to end-user applications and devices, Infosys Digital Health Platform reduces the risk of emergency hospitalizations