The Technology Behind Self-Management of Chronic Diseases

The American Diabetes Association estimates that 11.3 per cent of the US population, around 37.3 million people, live with diabetes. It has no cure for now, but there are several mechanisms to manage it. However, monitoring insulin blood levels requires a lot of time, attention, and accuracy.

This mini documentary set in San Diego, California investigates what diabetes is and what living with it means for a patient, the technology that Medtronic and Infosys are developing to improve patients’ lives, and the importance of this technology in the healthcare industry.

Watch Ali Dianaty, SVP - Product Innovation & Operations, Medtronic and Subhro Mallik, SVP & Head of Life Sciences, Infosys highlight how digital tools powered by next-gen technologies can help patients self-manage chronic diseases. By bringing the right information at the right time, it can ease the burden they face in their day-to-day lives, eventually ensuring healthier and better lives while reducing costs.