Navigating the Road to the Future in Life Sciences

Digital disruption has given shape to an environment of leaders and laggards across industries. The healthcare and life sciences industry is witnessing a fundamental shift, moving away from its product focus approach to more of a patient-centric and outcome-based one. Cutting edge digital solutions are creating opportunities for process improvement and additional value across enterprises, starting from R&D all the way to supply chain management and care delivery models.

Such a demanding and ever-evolving marketplace has created a challenging business landscape for pharmaceutical companies across the globe. How they identify themselves and navigate these crossroads will dictate their success as healthcare service providers in the coming decade or so. With adapt or perish being the only options, in this episode of Perspectives, Pramod Pratap, Director and Global Head Marketing - Healthcare and Life Sciences hosts Subhro Mallik, Senior Vice President and Global Head-Life Sciences at Infosys, to take a look at some of the key trends that will not only help enterprises survive but evolve and increase their market share.