A multi-national natural resources company engaged in mining as well as transportation and logistics services

Key Challenges

The company manages freight of more than US$ 1 billion annually for shipping diverse output to global clients.

The enterprise wanted to enhance marketing and logistics with a freight analytics solution that provides insights into profitability, safety of ships / cargo, and performance of the fleet.

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Infosys freight analytics and reporting solution

Infosys developed a data-driven analytics and visualization solution to support decision-making and enhance ocean freight operations.

Our supply chain experts and technology consultants conducted workshops with stakeholders across business teams to understand logistics at the mining company. Knowledge gained from these sessions helped define freight performance and safety metrics, and focus areas for analytical modules.

Infosys designed and implemented an enterprise data visualization solution using TIBCO Spotfire, which was selected after mapping available products with business requirements. Our data visualization and UI professionals applied best practices and advanced techniques to develop an interactive dashboard. The user-friendly interface allows the marketing and logistics team to access shipping information easily and quickly.

We used automation tools to migrate data from enterprise systems to an analytical database hosted on a big data platform. It eliminated human intervention in the reporting process. Intermittent validation of the freight management solution by shipping, finance and technology specialists at the mining company enhanced usability as well as reliability.

Our artificial intelligence-based decision support system helps the company analyze various International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) and offer the most profitable freight service in sales contracts.

The Infosys freight analytics and reporting solution provides visibility into –

  • fleet position, route, speed, and cost
  • unprofitable voyages and the cause(s)
  • safety incidents during voyages
  • most profitable shipping terms for each contract
  • profitability of freight operations
  • performance of internal charter team members

Our solution supports freight cost benchmarking, which empowers the company to evaluate freight rates and global shipping contracts. Significantly, streamlined freight operations delivers annual savings of US$ 100 million in bunker and freight costs.