The Infosys Mining practice offers geoscience and geotechnical services to accelerate exploration, feasibility assessment and development of mines. We aggregate geophysical, geochemical, geological, hydrological, climatology, and mineralogical data as well as cartographic data for geographic mapping, characterization and management of mining sites.

Our mining team integrates the technical architecture and existing tools portfolio with a comprehensive information management mechanism to capture relevant data and attributes. Our proprietary models facilitate migration of interpreted data and metadata from disparate applications to vendor- and application-neutral repositories. Our data models ensure consistent definition, classification and messaging for better processing of data. We unify the drill hole database and Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to streamline metallurgical assaying and mine site services.

Infosys combines middleware applications, web services, adaptive user interfaces, pre-built connectors, and synchronization technologies to create technically validated databases for storing information in standardized formats. Our data solutions convert 3D data into 3D XML / VRML and other digital formats for anytime, anywhere access to enterprise data. Moreover, our solutions simplify on-boarding of data from disparate sources as well as structured and unstructured data sets.

Our systems integration approach enables data interoperability, ensures a single source of data, and provides a framework for state-of-the-art analytics. Significantly, it helps geoscientists in surface as well as subsurface prospecting, and exploration geologists in discovering sustainable ore deposits

Our data management and visualization approach supports mobile platforms, automation tools, and virtual reality applications.

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White Paper: Knowledge management enables sustainable mining

Our experts propose a reference architecture for enterprise content management to facilitate process improvement as well as automation.


Challenges & Solutions

Governance models enable business and technology teams to access high quality geophysical / geological data across enterprise systems.

Data management framework mapped with the industry information lifecycle ensures effective governance, interpretation and storage of diverse types of data.

Rich experience across software platforms for seismic, geological, petrophysical, and engineering data management, including IHS Petra, Petrel, Paradigm, and GeoFrame.