The Infosys Mining practice implements Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions to create smart mines. A connected network of machines, processes and systems enables autonomous control while establishing sustainable value chains. Our cyber-physical ecosystems incorporate Industry 4.0 principles to enhance visibility, predictability and adaptability.

A data-oriented approach to physical-functional design of industrial equipment improves safety, minimizes energy consumption, and enables near real-time monitoring. Centralized control of IIoT smart devices simplifies device management, while facilitating remote operations management. Our robust authentication techniques and rules engines safeguard assets, and ensure the security and integrity of data.

Our expertise in communications protocols and simulation tools maximizes investment in IIoT across mining operations. Infosys IIoT gateways exchange and process data from diverse sources – fleet telemetry, wireless sensor networks, wearable devices, connected equipment, and production schedules. It enhances edge analytics, engineering and business analytics, and asset lifecycle management. Moreover, it improves operational efficiency and reporting.

The Infosys Asset Efficiency Testbed, developed in collaboration with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), boosts productivity and rationalizes expenditure. It tracks uptime of industrial assets and improves efficiency across multiple dimensions, including operations, maintenance, service, information, and energy.


Challenges & Solutions

IIoT Lab provides a first-mover advantage to enterprises by validating the technology stack in specific industrial contexts.

IIoT strategy spans data visualization, statistical computing, and predictive / prescriptive analytics in cloud-hosted environments.

Bespoke IIoT solutions adapt to existing industrial infrastructure and technology landscape.