The Infosys Mining practice develops integrated mine planning and scheduling solutions to accelerate identification of natural resources, development of mining sites, and metal / mineral extraction. We create strategic plans as well as daily schedules for open pit as well as underground mines. Our automation tools reduce turnaround times for geological modeling and mine planning.

Our mining team connects mine plans to the geological database and ore body models. It enables detailed planning based on technical, operational and economic factors such as ore body geometry, grade, accessibility, price, and resource availability. Moreover, it helps update the mine development plan automatically with incoming data, including survey data, field sample results, and drill hole information during exploratory / production drilling.

Our 4D models offer consolidated views spanning the lifetime of mineral ore deposits. It improves the accuracy of mine planning, ore reserve estimation, and resource forecasting. In addition, it facilitates contextual data interpretation and investigation for exploration and development of facilities. A robust geological modeling and mine planning system helps prioritize upstream and downstream activities to boost productivity and extend the lifespan of mining sites.

Spatial analytics solutions enable planners and geologists to compare multiple mine plan scenarios. Further, it provides the capability to compare actual performance with estimates across development stages. The Infosys approach reduces the effort and cost of mine development, while minimizing pilot holes. Moreover, it supports exploration in geologically complex sites.

Our professionals link the mine planning system with enterprise systems including contractor and asset management. Our mine plan version control and access management techniques ensure data integrity and security. Significantly, quality data and effective tracking facilitate compliance with mine plans.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Integrated Mine Planning Platform integrates plans from various systems to provide a consolidated view and monitor progress.

Iterative mine planning workflows evaluate drill hole and sampling data to optimize drilling and production scheduling.

Dynamic mine planning systems modify short-term and daily plans based on near real-time operational data and schedules.