The Infosys Mining practice offers Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions to provide visibility into mining operations for enhanced planning and scheduling of materials flow – from the blast site to shipment of ore. Our solutions address mine-to-port shipping and logistics of mining enterprises as well as contractors. Our techniques rationalize inventory and working capital while facilitating demand-driven business planning.

Our contractor management systems monitor contractors, including certification status, work history, start and end date of contracts, skills of the labor pool, and validity period of insurance policies and licenses. Our dashboards track performance, milestones and approvals to streamline Human Resources processes such as leave, overtime payments and compensation. We automate resolution of user queries and issues, role-based notifications related to license and certification, and workflows for approval of leave / overtime. In addition, we synchronize contractor management with daily shift scheduling systems.

Supply chain visibility improves governance and streamlines multi-modal transportation. Our supply chain solutions address demand fluctuations by aligning production plans with market trends, capacity and constraints such as infrastructure and labor. We implement blockchain technology to enhance the supply chain with robust asset and payment systems as well as reliable data management.


Challenges & Solutions

Integrated supply chain, inventory and performance management solutions optimize resource-to-market processes.

Digital SCM systems help minimize the carbon footprint and mitigate risks.

Sophisticated transportation management solutions ensure smooth delivery of materials from the mining site to processing plants.