The Infosys Mining practice implements technology solutions for sustainable operations at every stage of mining – exploration, construction, operations, and closure. Our consultants develop strategies to achieve planned production while minimizing the impact of mining on the ecosystem.

Our sustainability management solutions ensure the well-being of the local communities by maintaining infrastructure safety and preventing land, water, and air pollution. We design systems to preserve the biodiversity of the mining area and avoid intensive sampling for evaluating potential recovery.

Our collaboration tools help your experts develop cleaner techniques for extraction and processing of ore bodies, and adopt innovative approaches to boost the viability of mineral and metal reserves.

We focus on water and energy conservation as well as decomposition of waste materials to minimize the carbon footprint over the lifetime of mine fields. Digital waste management plans streamline periodic sampling and analysis of solid, liquid and gaseous process waste, and ensure compliance with best practices for toxic waste discharge.

Our product traceability solutions address the sustainability requirements of all constituents. It supports regulations for reuse and recycling as well as environmental sustainability. Moreover, it establishes a ‘green’ lifecycle for customers who seek sustainable supply chains.

We implement Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for safe transportation and storage of extracted minerals and metals.

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White Paper: Knowledge management enables sustainable mining

Our experts propose a reference architecture for enterprise content management to facilitate process improvement as well as automation.


Challenges & Solutions

Process reengineering minimizes generation of waste as well as pollutants in the extraction and processing of minerals and metals.

Accurate monitoring of process parameters and sustainability metrics minimizes emergency situations.

e-learning modules facilitate community outreach, training, and contractor / supplier relationship management.