Capitalizing on emerging technologies to become 'Live' mining enterprises

The world is transitioning to a low carbon economy and this trend is impacting the mining industry as well. The transition to low emission energy and transportation systems have placed a great amount of demand on metals like Lithium, Nickel, and Cobalt. The mining companies themselves are looking at operating their mines and plants with renewable energy sources, operating electric and hydrogen fuel-based fleets as well as integrating metal recycling as part of their value chain.

In this podcast, Kapil Nanchahal, Associate Vice President, and Head Resources and Ram Ramachandran, Director, Resources talk about the challenges the industry is facing, be it by way of attracting the right talent or deploying emerging technologies. They elaborate on how Infosys is helping the mining industry address these concerns by implementing an AI-based Digital Nerve Centre to monitor, operate, continuously learn, and optimize operations even in remote environments.