Digging Smarter with Technology

Innovative technology is increasingly making its way into a once manual industry –mining. In this video, Ashiss Kumar Dash, Segment Head - Services, Utilities, Resources, Energy, Infosys is in conversation with Gustavo Vieira, then Global Chief Information Officer and now Managing Director, Head of Iron Ore China Blending & Distribution, Vale Metals Shanghai Co. They discuss how technology has helped Vale keep operations up and running across 30 countries, even during the pandemic, and where technology is taking them from here.

Vale is a large Mining company in Brazil and is also one of the largest producers of iron ore in the world. One of the innovative technologies adopted by Vale is a completely truckless system, which resulted in 30 kilometers of interconnected conveyor belts. Vale reduced their water consumption by an impressive 93% and eliminated the need for tailings dams. Vale aggressively adopted automation, control systems, and next-generation drone technology to survey their mine, plants, and ore piles.

Watch this video as Gustavo Vieira talks about the technology transformations currently underway in the mining industry, why innovation is important to mining firms, what benefits Vale has experienced from their investments in digital solutions, and more.