Navigate your next in Mining


Your mining enterprise needs to navigate challenges: depleting volume and quality of metallic / non-metallic / mineral ore deposits, rising costs of operations, and unpredictable demand. Further, you should safeguard workers from the occupational hazards of hostile mining conditions.

Infosys partners with mining enterprises to streamline operations – from mine planning, development, drilling, blasting, and quality control to logistics. We capitalize on advances in technologies and modeling techniques to mitigate risks and drive sustainable growth.

Our offerings for the mining industry are based on three principles –

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered core: simplifies processes, including prospecting, assessment and exploration, with predictive analytics, automation tools and digital platforms.
  • Agile digital at scale: integrates robotics, advanced telecommunications, and machine learning to address the requirements of control centers as well as field staff in remote areas.
  • Always-on learning: augments the skills of professionals by distilling experiential knowledge and enabling knowledge transfer.

Infosys implements integrated mine management programs, which facilitates real-time data collection, visualization and interpretation. Our digital tools ensure compliance with industrial hygiene and safety standards.

Apply image and video processing algorithms and cognitive analytics to modernize asset management.

Leverage data management solutions and intuitive operational dashboards to monetize business opportunities.

Utilize self-operating machinery and autonomous fleet management systems to improve efficiency and rationalize costs across exploration, drilling and haulage.

Train employees in augmented / virtual reality products to boost productivity as well as enterprise performance.

Adopt digital mine planning and scheduling systems to optimize operations across mining sites.