Can technology tame climate change? As we navigate towards a low-carbon economy, we must understand how each sector has different needs and requirements.

There are various ways of decarbonizing the economy, including through greater efficiency and innovation in energy production, use, and storage; increased reliance on renewables; a shift away from fossil fuels. In our ENERGY 2050 series, we will examine these challenges, discuss innovations and engage in meaningful conversations with leaders and innovators as we race to meet the 2050 climate goals.


Can Electrification Turn 2050 into a Sustainable Reality?

Can you imagine a future where 90% of our energy is electrified? Join in on our conversation where we envision and aim to champion this revolutionary shift by diving deep into the transformative role of electrification. As we draw parallels between electrification and the journey towards a greener, more sustainable future, the spotlight remains on the broader implications of electrification and its potential to drive a greener, more sustainable 2050.

Mark Jacobson

Professor-Civil & Environ Eng, Director-Atmos/Energy Program, Stanford University

Joseph Alenchery

VP & Business Head- EnergyNext, Infosys

The Roadmap to Net Zero: How Technology is Enabling the Shift to Renewables

Nations worldwide are shifting away from fossil fuels and embracing sustainable energy sources. For many, this energy transition is proving pivotal, introducing vast opportunities to discover alternative sources and the chance to establish themselves as a green energy powerhouse. Discover how technology is speeding up this change and assisting nations on their journey to net zero.

Nikhil Tambe

CEO - Energy Consortium, IIT Madras

Dr. Arun Kumar

AVP & Head DCG - Energy, Utilities & Services, Infosys

The Green Gateway to Decarbonization with Cloud

How is cloud propelling companies to exceed their sustainability goals? With the economic landscape enabling the energy industry’s shift to renewables, discover the role of cloud technologies in the industry-wide adoption of greener practices and clean energy solutions.

Prof. Sally Eaves

Digital Decentralization, Democracy and Security Adviser Center for a New American Security

Shivani Sharma

AVP, Global Head of Cloud Economy and Industry Cloud, Infosys

The Digital Stepping Stones To a Green Economy

Is digitization the key to unlocking a low/zero emission economy? As enterprises around the world transition to greener energy sources, they’re confronted with a string of obstacles, like creating attainable ESG goals, ensuring energy security and innovating at scale. Discover how technology is helping them overcome these challenges and accelerate their no-carbon journey.

Alexander Verbeek

Director Institute for Planetary Security

Sriram Sundar

VP - Energy Core, Infosys

The promise of Hydrogen – the fuel of the future?

Hydrogen is fast becoming the world's most promising zero-emission energy source, with countries and organizations around the globe racing to adopt it. Let’s explore hydrogen and its far-reaching global economic and environmental impacts as we move to an all-renewable energy economy.

Joseph Alenchery

VP- Energy Next, Infosys

Dr. Thomas Hillig

Managing Director, THEnergy