An electric utility distributing and supplying electricity to domestic customers as well as commercial and industrial users in the West Coast of USA.

Key Challenges

The electricity distributor faced myriad operational issues due to disparate legacy systems. Sub-optimal work management escalated costs for system maintenance. Further, the complexity of pricing techniques resulted in inaccurate pricing.

The enterprise wanted to develop a pricing system with a scalable architecture. It sought configurable computing algorithms that were compatible with planner / designer tools in the ecosystem. The prototype solution had to breakdown cost / price, and demonstrate capability in cost estimation and pricing.

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Easily comply with changes to local regulations

Infosys analyzed code compiled over the years by design and planning teams to address business requirements. It helped us validate the approach and formulate a comprehensive solution. Our experts combined Microsoft Visual Basic with Sybase (now SAP) SQL Anywhere database to build the prototype.

We provided end-to-end services, including design, construction, unit and integration testing, and onsite coordination. Our project management methodology and robust integration road map enabled smooth integration of multiple enterprise systems.

The Infosys pricing solution does not depend on design tools or back end work management systems for estimating cost and pricing. Our flexible and configurable design enhances the pricing engine. Significantly, it empowers the enterprise to easily comply with changes to local regulations for pricing and estimation.