Being Resilient. That’s Live Enterprise.

Navigate your next in utilities

Your utility enterprise needs to respond to shifts in user preferences, comply with regulations, and mitigate risks of unforeseen events. As the demographic profile of users becomes younger, utilities should adopt a digital-first approach to attract, engage and retain customers. The digital generation wants to be served across mobile and social channels, seeks visibility into consumption patterns for a cost-effective tariff plan, and expects self-service capabilities.

Infosys partners with water, gas and power utilities to develop a sentient utility enterprise – a digital utility that senses and responds to diverse constituents. Customers can avail a blended offering of conventional and renewable energy, and benefit from net metering and customized tariff plans. The field force uses mobility solutions to troubleshoot and undertake preventive maintenance. Regulators expect your utility to use compliance as an opportunity to transform into a digital utility.

Infosys helps utilities navigate the energy landscape and become more resilient with the Live Enterprise framework –

  • Accelerate migration to the cloud – Infosys leverages cloud computing for grid, infrastructure, data and applications, and aligns demand with supply across the generation-transmission-distribution continuum.
  • Ensure resilient IT operations – Infosys adopts a robust cybersecurity approach to safeguard the digital utility. Our remote management solution monitors servers, networks, and endpoints to detect security breaches.
  • Establish resilient business processes – Infosys ensures uninterrupted operations by streamlining workflows for asset maintenance, customer service, and field force management. Our vegetation management system capitalizes on computer vision, data science and machine learning to mitigate risks along transmission lines of a power utility.
  • Enable remote learning at scale – Infosys offers a mobile- and cloud-first learning platform to train the workforce with curated learning artifacts and multimedia content across disciplines.