Infosys is helping utilities respond to COVID-19: A NelsonHall Blog

John Laherty, Senior Research Analyst, NelsonHall, has published a blog on how Infosys is working collaboratively with utilities to support COVID-19 initiatives. In the blog, John talks about the various macro level impacts of the pandemic on the value chains and how utilities must realign their priorities in response. He believes the new priorities will accelerate investments in digital technologies and enable utilities to become more resilient.

Key highlights from the blog post:

  • Utilities are seeing significant macro level impacts such as demand reduction, rate case and regulatory fallouts, disruption in workforce availability, and renewables supply chain
  • Utilities are deferring discretionary non-critical projects and enabling rapid changes to systems to support COVID-19 response
  • Infosys is providing utility clients a view on what they should focus on. Immediate priorities include:
    • Making technology related to employee safety a priority
    • Enabling collaboration tools, best practices and remote working infrastructure
    • Ramping cybersecurity management for IT systems
    • Personalizing communication to impacted end customers
    • Enhancing mobile workforce management through GIS-based zoning and tracking for field services
    • Deploying RPA and virtual assistants for repetitive tasks
  • Infosys sees continued traction in cloud adoption across utility enterprise
  • It expects traction in remote sensing and AR/VR technologies for surveillance & management of grid infrastructure

Read the complete blog here