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Your utilities enterprise should automate processes, streamline operations and minimize human intervention. You should integrate geospatial systems, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and enterprise applications to manage operations in real time. You need visibility into assets for superior performance. Your physical-cyber infrastructure should focus on business continuity, regulatory compliance and sustainability.

The Infosys Utilities practice partners with water, gas and power utilities to renew the business for addressing the requirements of constituents. We create a personnel-infrastructure-data ecosystem to grow the business through new revenue streams. Our ‘zero distance’ philosophy helps you navigate the distance between enterprise capabilities, reliable service and the millennial generation experience. We apply design thinking to develop innovative solutions for conserving resources, engaging constituents, and mitigating risks.

The open source Infosys Information Platform (IIP) helps you integrate data from smart meters, sensors, process instruments, and geotechnical systems. Our analytics platform offers insights-as-a-service to monetize data and manage events / assets from remote locations. Sophisticated digital tools predict maintenance requirements and interpret patterns to pinpoint pipeline leakage / theft / vulnerabilities.

We build mobile applications to boost workforce productivity, using our Skava platform. Our intuitive content formats provide macro-level context as well as drill-down information to enable your control room managers and maintenance and repair crew take informed decisions.

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