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Beyond the Comfort Zone where Tanya is headed

When is it a good time to get comfortable with leaving one’s comfort zone? “It is now,” says Infosys’ Tanya Mathanda. Here she is, sharing with us a slice of her life, and her learnings along the way.

Women are shattering the glass ceiling to reach peaks higher than ever before, especially at our modern workplaces. But in many areas and industries, they are still struggling to catch up – in numbers, in pay and in upward mobility.

While many may be reluctant to rock the boat and settle for “good enough,” there’s a shift in the wind. More than 70 percent of women suggest they want to change careers, largely due to the gender pay gap, but also because of factors like burnout, or finding a workplace whose mission aligns with their values.

For Tanya Mathanda, her reasons included all this, and more.

Born in India, and brought up in Toronto, she had a comfortable job, a comfortable home and a comfortable life. No reason to shake things up. Except for this: Tanya wanted to strive out of her comfort zone. She wanted more. So, while her friends were settling down and she was almost uprooting her life, a question she often came across was “Why now?”, to which she asked point blank - “Why not now?”

Tanya’s decision to uproot in search of a fresh start and more meaningful future would take her to far-flung locations. She moved to Europe to pursue an MBA, and while there, was connected with Infosys and the InStep internship program. She flew to India where she completed a three-month internship, before returning to Europe and finishing her degree.

Today Tanya is a part of Infosys, lives in Dallas and has a job that adds value to her life and a team with whom she enjoys working. It was a leap of faith, and one that took courage, perseverance, and an ability to embrace the unknown.

And if it meant a little discomfort along the way? For Tanya, that was all a part of the journey.

“To do great things,” she says, “You have to make yourself uncomfortable.”

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