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Where Pixels Paint Emotions

To watch a show at Madison Square Garden is to become a part of its history. To create a core memory. The Infosys Fan Fabric powered by Infosys Topaz immortalizes your MSG experience with a personalized ticket for you to hold onto and share with the world.

Where Pixels Paint Emotions

Where Art Meets Innovation

The Infosys Fan Fabric is a perfect blend of next-gen technology and the creativity of local New York artists to help you generate a personalized piece of art that will last forever.

Fan Fabric

Where Technology Elevates Experiences

For decades now, MSG has been creating memories for fans that last a lifetime. As their official Digital Innovation Partner, we're helping them take it to the next level by leveraging state-of-the-art technology to reinvent the way fans experience entertainment.

Meet the Artists Behind the Canvas

sisi Yu
Sisi Yu

A New York-based graphic artist, Sisi Yu sees the city as a captivating crucible, brimming with diverse cultures. Through her illustrations, she has tried to capture the very essence - the electrifying energy and the exhilarating intensity - that defines the iconic Madison Square Garden.

Phil Shafer (aka Sike Style)

Having grown up in New York City, Phil Shafer always carries a piece of the city with him wherever he goes. He loves capturing the raw, energetic moments and turning them into vibrant illustrations that bring the action-packed environments to life.

Mercedes Padró

Mercedes Padró believes New York has helped her grow not just as an individual but an artist as well. Fusing her cultural background with a distinctive art style, her Madison Square Garden artwork, inspired by a passion for basketball - a sport she grew up playing - is a love letter to New York City.