Large incumbent enterprises struggle to recognize potentially game-changing market stimuli as they are dealing with real-world constrictions and pressures of running their complex businesses. Being resilient means being able to respond to market disruptions effectively without stepping off the treadmill of continually escalating core business performance expectations.

At Infosys, when we took on the challenge of becoming more resilient for ourselves and our clients, we looked to natural life for inspiration. To make companies, life-like, responsive, resilient beings, at enterprise scale - and transform to be Live Enterprises; where they can gain start-up-like agility and simultaneously accelerate adaptation, by nurturing the following key enterprise capabilities:

Driving Intuitive Decisions: The ability to sense and respond leveraging data-led insights. This serves to automate routine, frequently-made tasks, to avoid or minimize human intervention.

Building Responsive Value Chains: The flexibility to repurpose people productivity into reimagining the company’s value chain – see what is missing, what can be improved and what is redundant to deliver more value. This will drive continuous, agile cycles of rapid adaptation.

Nurturing Creative Talent: A pool of problem-finders to find the right problems that must be solved for our future. We can build AI systems to execute mechanical tasks, but problem-finding remains a human frontier.

Delivering Perceptive Experiences: Responding quickly, yet thoughtfully to opportunities to create valuable new experiences. This comes from learning to spot emerging and unmet needs.

And we make all this possible with the Infosys Live Enterprise Suite.