Transformation, in every corner of the world

How a Finnish company, with employees working in some of the most remote parts of the world, transformed the way they work.

Our client, a Finnish engineering and consulting firm, deals with a variety of challenging projects that impose unique demands on their IT infrastructure.

Many of their projects require setting up temporary offices in remote areas to deliver their engineering expertise. The need for collaboration between team members in different locations is critical, making seamless connectivity a core business requirement. Any delays caused by outage translate to potential financial penalties and damage to reputation.

With disparate systems and processes, simple tasks took longer than necessary. They needed to modernize their infrastructure, and fast. This would not only enhance their effectiveness, but also cut costs. And Infosys was chosen for the task.

We upgraded their complex legacy technology landscape and standardized the IT experience of employees across the globe. The modernized landscape led to optimized process flows, enhanced end-user satisfaction, and improved service levels.


The result?


million total cost savings


faster onboarding for new locations

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