How we helped our client to deliver better customer experience while also building a brand new revenue channel for them.

For airline operators, it is crucial to minimize the time that their planes spend on the ground. But complex maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) activities, which often differ vastly for each type of aircraft, make this challenging. Our client, a major aircraft manufacturer, recognized this challenge.

Where our client saw a problem, we saw an opportunity. We realized that if we managed to put all MRO documents in one place, securely, we could solve this problem for airlines. By leveraging AWS Cloud, we developed a system that enabled engineers to access the MRO information of every manufacturer’s plane with incredible ease, and all of it was made available securely at one place.

That not only solved the MRO challenge, but also ended up opening a new revenue stream for our client!


The result?


million pipeline of new revenue


million cumulative savings for client

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