How preventive security measures can safeguard your applications and make your systems more responsive.

For most enterprises, application security remains an afterthought until a breach happens. And our client, a large device manufacturer, was no exception. When one of their strategic web applications was hacked, they approached Infosys to put in place an app security testing program with one goal – to reduce the chances of similar breaches in future.

Using a wide range of tools and services, we developed a testing program that could scan, detect, and flag all possible issues in the code. We soon realized that this process threw up a lot of false alarms. So we went a step further and developed a tool to filter out false alarms and allow the team to focus on important weaknesses. What evolved was a stronger, more robust security platform that could easily be scaled as per the needs of our client’s application landscape.


The result?


manual checking effort eliminated


increased coverage


defect in production

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