Personalizing the first touch point of buying insurance, the ‘Welcome Kit’, can help in delivering an enhanced customer experience.

Health insurance is complicated business, often involving bundles of forms that users need to understand and fill out. Even in developed markets like the US, nearly 21 percent of the population speaks a foreign language at home. Because of predominantly English language insurance paperwork, insurers like our client, a large healthcare insurer in the US, struggle to get people to engage after the initial buy-in.

We found out that the key to making health insurance better understood is then to make it highly contextual to consumers. We introduced the Infosys Personalized Intelligent Interfaces (PII), a smart video authoring tool, which can ingest data and deliver short, highly personalized videos for customers in their language of choice. These videos can, in a few seconds, tell customers about their individual plan and eligibility, and deliver targeted health and wellness information based on demographics. The videos are playable on all connected devices and can be sent to customers for reference.


The result?

Enhanced experience and engagements

Creates market differentiation for the insurer

Saves hours of form-filling and paperwork

Reduces time to action through mobile-friendly user experience

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