How one of the biggest and most complex e-commerce implementations was rolled out seamlessly, in less than 2 years.

When a highly reputed traditional retail brand decided to digitize their operations, it implied an extensive, complex journey of restructuring and enhancing their legacy systems.

They realized that to deliver the best possible customer experience, they had to re-platform the e-commerce experience through an extensive digitization program.

Infosys built an independent cloud infrastructure that gave our client control over their entire e-commerce journey, from warehousing to purchase, thus moving them away from third-party interventions. By providing personalized content and consistency across every channel, and the best-in-class customer service, we provided a 99.9% system availability time to the users. The in-built flexibility also assured ease in rollout across new geographical markets.

The new platform was operational by the time the holiday season arrived. We sailed through the year’s highest levels of online activity, the Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend, without any blip, trading more traffic than estimated.


The result?


integrations delivered within 2 years


more trading than forecasted on Black Friday

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