When two mammoth banks merged, an integrated customer experience became a pressing need. But the complexity was enormous.

When two major banks decided to merge, they did so without future integration plans. This resulted in a skewed customer experience since the two companies continued to operate separately, albeit under a single name. To cross-sell to customers who required the services of both banks, they needed to deliver a seamless integrated banking experience across their mobile apps. As a reliable partner, Infosys was called in to help.

Instead of using the traditional feature-first approach to revamp the app, we organized a series of Design Thinking workshops to map the user journey and their challenges across these apps. Once we had enough data, we began to iterate several design options to deal with these challenges until we had a clickable prototype. In just nine weeks, we completed the process and by the end of it we had many more buy-ins than the previously designed apps.


The result?


weeks to develop a clickable prototype

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