Use blockchain to digitally track the journey of your products across the supply chain, in near real-time.

The supply chain of any product is complex and encompasses several stakeholders. For our client, a coffee distributor, this posed several challenges. The journey of coffee beans typically contains seven levels and the actual supply chain is further extended by several intermediaries. Thanks to this extensive and paper-intensive supply chain, it becomes almost impossible to ascertain the lineage, health, and origin of your coffee. As a result, the acceptance rates of coffee beans are typically low. This leads to downstream process inefficiencies and adversely impacts planning.

There was an urgent need to make data in this process tamper proof and available in a centralized manner. When Infosys was roped in, we proposed Infosys Blockchain. We brought in a distributed and permissioned ledger to build trust into the entire supply chain. With blockchain, the relevant stakeholders could track the journey of the products across the supply chain and access information in near real-time. This also empowered experts to accredit and certify certain properties of produce –like organic or fair trade – enabling importers to ensure compliance and make better decisions.

What’s more, blockchain was profitable too, since the ready availability of detailed and trusted information about provenance enabled our client to price their products at a premium.


The result?

Higher acceptance rates of coffee beans

Real-time visibility of the entire supply chain

Reduced errors by reducing paper-based documentation

Real-time payments to coffee growers

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