How technology and relevant innovation can lead to sustainable solutions and help us do more with less.

Back in 2011, Infosys committed to the United Nations our intent to become carbon neutral, reduce per capita electricity consumption by 50 percent (against the baseline year 2008), and use 100 percent renewable power for electricity by 2018. But with over 198,000 employees, over 45 million square feet area (in India alone), and with hundreds of buildings to manage, reducing our carbon footprint and energy consumption is no easy task. Though scale does make sustainability rather challenging, it also gives us an edge. To build a truly sustainable enterprise, we wanted to lead with innovation.

Our sustainability journey started with small but sure steps towards two goals - reducing our water and energy consumption. Today we have machines that self-diagnose maintenance needs, trigger alerts, and base their working on a deep understanding of the way we work, our movements, our patterns, and our needs. Everything, beginning from where we buy from to how we sell and report, is a conscious decision factoring these efforts.


The result?


million square feet of built up area is LEED Platinum rated

44.6 %

of the overall electricity requirements are met through renewable sources

19 %

increase in energy consumption compared to 143% increase in employee numbers

100 %

of our food waste onsite can be treated through biogas and composting plants

70 %

reduction in our carbon footprint for direct and indirect emissions

46 %

decrease in our per capita monthly water consumption since 2008

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