How a post-operative patient monitoring system connected to hospital information systems, helps care givers in monitoring patients, anytime, anywhere.

Professional post-surgery care is complex. Data shows that most deaths occur during the post-operative phase rather than during the surgery. While the preoperative care for some part happens within the premises of healthcare institutions, a large part of post-operative care needs to happen after the patient has physically left the institution. This inability to closely monitor the post-operative care and take timely action can lead to complications and even loss of lives.

While integration of devices with the hospital management system seems like an obvious solution, there was also an urgent need to bridge the communication gap between patients and care givers. So we evolved the concept of ‘Forever Connected Care’.

Infosys Patient Monitoring System solves the challenge of post-operative care, using wearable devices. The system visualizes real-time data from all healthcare devices even if they are at a remote location. It also stores the electronic anaesthesia records for future diagnostics.


The result?

Reduced patient risk

Timely assurance and interventions

Reduced the need for physical visits for patients

Proactive need-based care available for people living in remote areas

Ability to visualize the real-time data

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