Can we use technology to empower the entire agricultural value chain to take more informed decisions every day?

Global population has quadrupled over the last century from 1.8 billion to 7.5 billion people. Rapid urbanization is leading to massive pollution and erosion, which is resulting in loss of arable land, even as food demands continue to rise. It’s also a fact well established that the water table is dropping all over the world.

There is an urgent need not just to begin an efficiency and sustainability revolution at every level of this ecosystem, but to also cut post harvest losses. We had an idea! We created the Infosys Digital Agriculture Solution, a platform that helps stakeholders across the ecosystem make better, more informed decisions. IDEAS, as we call it, is a framework that triggers timely interventions that address challenges of stakeholders across the agricultural value chain. The solution integrates domain expertise, market intelligence, Internet of Things, and big data analytics to enable insights and speed decision-making for individual farmers as well as agricultural enterprises of various sizes.


The result?

Increased profitability and greater efficiency

Reduced yield loss

Reduced costs of cultivation

Effective control of post-harvest losses

Optimization of crop water usage

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