How we enabled our client’s users to hire the right candidate in as less as four hours.

The staffing industry, hugely competitive, runs on thin margins and large volumes. The ability to fulfil client demand - the right candidate at the right price at the right time and location - is key to success. It is also a regulation-intensive industry and these regulations often differ from one country to another, and even for multiple career fields. For our client, a staffing organization, being brick and mortar in a fast-digitizing world was greatly inhibiting growth.

When Infosys was brought in to provide a solution, we started by envisioning a platform that required zero human intervention, thanks to digital contracts and digital signatures. To deliver a new, breakthrough experience to our client, Infosys designed a new engagement model, Incubation-as-a-Service model (first-of-its-kind for Infosys), to launch a digital startup in the on-demand staffing industry.


The result?


or less to hire the right candidate


or less for payment settlements

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