Cynthia has been the proud owner of a bike shop in Ann Arbor, Michigan for almost 7 years now. It's not a huge operation, but with her small crew of 5 people she makes it work. Cynthia is married with three kids, and her husband, a retired veteran, has had a difficult transition back to civilian life after three tours of service. His on-again, off-again job at the local garage keeps him occupied, but for all intents and purposes, Cynthia bears the burden of supporting the family.

Her bike shop is their lifeline, and it's been providing the family with a relatively steady income for several years now. Until COVID-19 hit, that is.

A quick look behind the scenes

Infosys helped the bank set up a custom website for business owners to apply for PPP funds

Infosys NIA brought the power of AI to automate underwriting and ensure faster processing

Infosys BPO services were deployed to manage verification processes

RPA allowed for automatic processing of loans

In the process, over half a million livelihoods were positively impacted