The challenge for Annika was not the lack of data but rather its organization and the ability to glean insights and patterns from it. Without having a singular view of all the necessary information, her company couldn’t find and bring together all the pieces of the puzzle. What Annika needed was a Data Discovery Platform – an intelligent facility that would bring all the data together, consistently and repeatedly, and adapt to the dynamics of requests.

A quick look behind the scenes

Infosys’ solution helped reduce processing time for existing and new data sets by 30%

Infosys reduced time-to-market for new products by 50%

Infosys’ solution enabled a commercial pharma product to be launched in just eight to 12 weeks, instead of the typical six months

Product managers can access insights that support multi-channel marketing, cross-sell and up-sell segmentation, and targeting

The data-driven marketing engine pushed up sales by 13.5%