It’s 4:30 p.m. on a Friday as Vaino walks into a neighborhood café to catchup with Sofia Korhonen, a friend and an ex-colleague. Vaino is a shift supervisor at Finland’s best-known logistics company. Until six months ago, Sofia and Vaino worked together at their Punavuori depot in Helsinki. Sofia has since moved on to another job, preferring to "trade in the everyday chaos at a logistics service depot for the relative calm of an accountant's office". "It was so stressful, I'm happy I left", she shudders, sipping the Olvi. “It is much better now”, smiles Vaino.

A quick look behind the scenes

Infosys instituted a robust, enterprise-scale workplace management system

With applied AI the system automates workforce shift planning and scheduling across multiple depots

It uses RPA to automate most manual tasks

The system is cloud-based and allows employees to check and manage their shifts from a mobile app

It even gamifies shift-related attendance for employees