Lara’s challenge is every American food major’s challenge. Inability to respond to market changes in real-time makes achieving higher growth and profitability a moving goal. On the operations front, limitations in the supply chain, constraints in achieving touchless orders, and an inflexible finance hierarchy negatively impacts organizations. Regardless of this, being in the ‘essential commodities market’, they needed to produce at more than 100% capacity to sustain business while adhering to the strict local/federal guidelines.

A quick look behind the scenes

Infosys solution enabled complete inventory and supply chain visibility across the entire organization

Infosys streamlined and automated financial processing resulting in fast and accurate period close with intra period KPI analysis

Infosys aided seamless access to enterprise-wide sales and operations reducing inventory while improving fill rates and customer experience

Infosys solution allowed rapid onboarding and synergy realization of merger and acquisition targets

The solution offered consumer-grade user experience that is quick and convenient