There is a hidden side to Bill Benedict not many know. His Linkedin profile only says he is a Commodity Manager at a leading hi-tech tech company in the United States, but on the personal side, his family and friends swear by his intense passion for classic cars. “Blame it on Detroit” Bill reminisces on his upbringing in the moto town. When he is not at work, one can find him looking in dusty barns for a retro classic he can buy and restore.

If finding an out of production car (‘Barn finds’ as Bill calls it) is a tough task, imagine the plight of sourcing all the right parts and bring those cars back to life again. Detroit is home to a tribe of petrol heads like Bill who have the collective and captive knowledge of what to buy, where to buy, from whom, and at what price. Being a seasoned commodity manager and on the procurement side of the business for more than a decade, Bill usually closes his car deals with aplomb.

A quick look behind the scenes

Infosys deployed its intelligent sourcing dashboard

It helps source materials and services for multi-level bill of materials on a single platform

It enables effective supplier collaboration by identifying potential supply shortages

It ties supplier qualifications with sourcing to prevent supply chain disruptions

It creates complete supply chain visibility