CMO and C-Suite: The DNA of Partnership

CMO and C-Suite: The DNA of Partnership

The double helix: Marketing and IT in a live enterprise

To deliver the right technological solutions and the right Human Experience, collaboration must be in the very DNA of the CMO-CIO relationship. Digital initiatives bind this double helix, driving stakeholder engagement and enterprise success. This means connecting the silos that separate the CMO and CIO organizations. The CMO and CIO must lead on this, producing a results-oriented culture. The CMO, with a distinct human-focused skill set, is in a unique position to help change organizational culture to enable this collaboration.

The CMO-CIO double helix delivers HX to stakeholders

A live enterprise is the Infosys vision of an evolving, knowledge-driven and data-driven organization, with agility built into its DNA. Through partnership, CMOs and CIOs can be a force that pushes organizations to evolve so they are responsive, hyper-productive, and sentient — embodying the best of what humans and technology can accomplish together. In the live enterprise, CMO-CIO collaboration becomes central to the ‘digital brain.’ Every company needs a digital brain, a nexus for continuous learning from multichannel data, providing the business with greater insight and intelligence to connect with stakeholders. Now is the time for Marketing and IT collaboration to personify this aspiration and evolving ideal.

This is a test for companies that practice stakeholder capitalism. You’re facing a crisis and you have limited resources. If you treat your employees, customers, and suppliers well, and give back to communities, when the pandemic is over, you’ll see the benefits.

— Dr. Jingyang Zhang,
Partner, The Martec Group

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