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Event details

Date: May 9 – 12, 2016
Infosys Booth #306
Location: Acropolis Convention Centre, Nice, France

Event overview

TM Forum Live! addresses the key challenges being faced in today’s connected world. It comprises of eight themes focused on the key business challenges, where we will discuss practical solutions in detail, enabling you to take home specific ideas and strategies that can be applied in your own business to reduce costs, accelerate innovation, improve efficiency, and foster growth.
We are collaborating with multiple member companies to demonstrate five catalyst projects across multiple tracks. TM Forum Catalyst is an interactive event that provides a platform to showcase innovative demos and proof-of-concept projects to battle against critical industry challenges and create solutions.

Our five catalysts are mentioned below

  • CPE Virtualization in the Home
  • Omnishop
  • Digital Experience Platform
  • Delivering Open Cloud Eco systems for Digital SMEs
  • ABDR (Analytics and Big Data repository)

Session details

Date: May 10, 2016
Time: 12:00 p.m. CET zone ‎ (UTC+2)
Topic: Customer Journey in a hyper-connected world

This topic tends to highlight on the implications of the scenario wherein customers can turn services off and on with a push of a button. It gives a preview of what the ultimate journey looks like especially in context of new services and who owns the customer in an interconnected complex ecosystem. The giveaway points include tips on how customers can make the right digital investments.

Wouter Goedkoop, Vice President, Customer Experience, Liberty Global
Avi Kulshrestha, Europe Head – Communications Media, Entertainment & OEM Business, Infosys Ltd.

Date : May 11, 2016
Time : 9:20 a.m. CET Zone ‎(UTC+2)
Topic: Data-driven orchestration in a Hyper-connected world

The session speaks about envisioning the telco world in 2030 including customer demands in the hyper-connected world and managing trillions of end-points. It will talk about how the OSS should evolve to be capable of addressing the complexities in the future. This session will highlight the service orchestration in allowing telcos to face the onslaught of devices, data, machines, human, and artificial intelligence.

Sundi Balu, CIO, Telstra B2B and International
Amrit Singh, Senior Principal, Infosys Consulting

Date: May 11, 2016
Time: 02:20 p.m. CET zone ‎ (UTC+2)
Topic: LIGHTNING TALKS: Omnichannel comes to Life!

The hot demos from member-led proof-of-concept catalyst shall show you how to enable seamless omnichannel digital commerce experience across multiple service offerings for established service providers. It also helps in identifying capabilities necessary for implementing and growing your omnichannel strategy, develop long-term omnichannel success with a highly personalized engagement capability and incentivize cross-channel and cross-partnership delivery of all business functions and aligning metrics to meet customers’ needs.

Gnanapriya Chidambaranathan, AVP, Principal Architect,Infosys
Nishi Mathur, Principal Technology Architect, Infosys.

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