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Event Overview

A virtual panel discussion with industry experts on the challenges faced by CPG, retail, and logistics companies and how AI holds the key to unlocking some of these answers. Can AI change the way consumers interact with brands? How can retailers and CPG companies navigate the present AI landscape and what are some of the risks involved? Join us on the latest edition of the Consumer Spotlight series as we look at the promise of AI and surrounding areas.

Event Description

With rising global concerns around cost, demand unpredictability, declining volumes, and competitive pricing, CPG and Retail brands are turning to AI for answers. Infosys Knowledge Institute’s Generative AI Radar indicates that investments in this space are expected to grow by more than 50% in North America and by 130% in Europe in the next year. The question remains, how do enterprises effectively use AI? What are the some of the real-world examples of companies leveraging AI to answer complex questions around merchandising, physical store size, online purchases, customer segmentation and more?

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Key Takeaways

Discover the possibilities with AI from our industry experts as we explore:

  • Trends in CPG, Retail and Logistics around AI
  • Effective use of AI to address industry problems
  • Real-life examples of AI in CPG, Retail and Logistics
  • How to Navigate your Next in AI


Vishwa Ranjan

Andal Alwan – Regional Head - APAC, Consumer, Retail and Logistics, Infosys

Scott Clarke

Scott Clarke – Managing Partner and Experience Transformation and Innovation (XTI) Global Practice Leader; Consumer Goods, Retail and Logistics North American Practice Leader at Infosys Consulting

Smitha S

Sachin Jangam – Managing Partner, Consumer Goods, Retail Logistics at Infosys Consulting

Samad Masood

Samad Masood – Content Strategy Lead, Infosys Knowledge Institute

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