RFID: 'A 360 degree view of the technology, its implications and the market'

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Infosys is pleased to invite you to a session on "RFID: A 360 degree view of the technology, its implications and the market ", presented by Puneet Gupta.

Event Details

Date: 19th May 2005

Time: 3:50 PM - 4:30 PM

Venue: National Trade Centre at Exhibition Place, Toronto, Canada


Session Overview

Businesses have been employing various technologies for increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. The intense competitive landscape that most businesses find themselves in, means businesses continuously need to evolve towards a "sense and respond" model where all value chains are optimized and real time response to changes in business conditions is the order. To sense and respond, requires every vital part of the enterprise to be integrated with the IT infrastructure and this has to include the physical assets (inventory, equipment, infrastructure etc.) as well. This calls for the ability to give electronic identities to passive objects and thus being able to bringing them on-line (so to say). Radio Frequency Identification or RFID as it is commonly known is a technology that promises to achieve this and lot more.

Though the basic technology of RFID has been around for several years, it is only recently that driven by the standardization activities and other industry initiatives, RFID has started to gain visibility. As with any new technology there are several issues that need to be addressed before large scale adoption of the technology is witnessed. To an enterprise wishing to capitalize on the opportunities that RFID presents, it is recommended that they start using the technology today and at the same time work at developing a long term strategy for the future.

Towards this end, this presentation will focus on the four Ws of RFID - The What, Why, Where and When.

  • The What: What is RFID? - About the technology, state of the technology, economics of RFID adoption, key developments
  • The Why: Why is RFID technology so critical to an enterprise?
  • The Where: Where is the technology headed? - Key stages in the development and adoption of technology, market developments impacting the adoption of technology.
  • The When: When would we see large scale RFID adoption?- Timing is going to be a key factor in achieving maximum advantage out this technology at the optimal cost, based on the nature of the business.


Speaker Puneet Gupta

Puneet leads the pervasive IT research initiative at SETLabs (Software Engineering and Technology research Labs) of Infosys Technologies. As part of this initiative he is involved in conceptualizing and driving market driven research initiatives and solutions in ubiquitous computing, enterprise mobility, wireless and emerging technologies like RFID. Prior to this, Puneet was with Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies where he was involved in the R&D related to GSM, GPRS and third generation wireless network development. Puneet is an avid writer and speaker and has published over 90 publications in several international magazines and journals. He has co-authored several books and reports on themes related to wireless, mobility, web-services and is currently authoring a book on enterprise wireless technologies.

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