BCS and itSMF Conference on CMDB

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Event Details
Date: July 8-9, 2008
Venue: Olympia Conference Centre, London, U.K.

This conference, organized by the British Computer Society Configuration Management Specialist Group (BCS CMSG) and the itSMF, is a premier UK event on Change, Release and Configuration Management for ITIL, ALM and CMMI. The conference discusses the benefits of CMDB/CMS (Configuration Management Database / Configuration Management System) and showcases how successful organizations are implementing their CMDB/CMS.

Session Details

Topic: Ignite your Configuration Engines - Real world experiences for CMDB Success
Date: July 8, 2008
Time: 16:25 - 17:10 BST
Speaker: Gaurav Dutt Uniyal, ITSM Consultant, Infosys

Session description
Over the years, organizations have struggled to establish configuration management capabilities and implement a CMDB. Extended time, effort and cost, the inability to demonstrate "quick wins", data quality management issues, confusion over asset versus configuration management, multiplicity of data sources are some of the roadblocks. Today, organizations are skeptical about the success of their CMDB implementation projects. So what is the best implementation approach to minimize risk and guarantee success?

Configuration Management System, service assets, knowledge management, integration of asset management with configuration management are some of the concepts in ITIL v3 that help in building robust and scalable CMDB solutions.

In this session, Gaurav Dutt Uniyal shares his experience on the best practices followed by organizations that have successfully implemented CMS and CMDB. He draws on his experience in CMDB implementations and ITIL v3 assessment to provide insight into what works and what doesn't for configuration management in the real world. He discusses how ITIL v3 can change the way organizations manage their configuration management implementation projects.


Gaurav Dutt Uniyal

Gaurav Dutt Uniyal has extensive experience in executing large-scale ITSM-based process and technology implementation projects. His experience in the IT Industry spans service management consulting, CMDB design and implementation, developing infrastructure solutions and project management.

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