BMW IT Fair Munich 2013

Infosys is an exhibitor on October 23 and 24

Event details | Event overview

Event details

Date: October 23 – 24, 2013
Venue: Booth No. 6.2 Zentralhalle Muenchen, Germany

Event overview

BMW IT Fair Munich 2013 brings together major IT vendors who partner with the auto maker. The event comprises booths and presentations.

Infosys is an exhibitor at the BMW IT Fair Munich 2013 on October 23 and 24. Infosys will showcase following solutions:

  • Aftersales eCommerce
  • New Warranty System

Connect with Infosys

Please meet us at Infosys booth for an overview on these solutions. Infosys will demonstrate how we have harmonized multiple platforms and processes on a global scale. We have also planned guided tours for attendees so they can get an in-depth understanding of these topics.

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