CE Supply Chain Academy conference

Date: Jan 09, 2009
Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

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Session Details

Topic: Growing Profitability & Customer Satisfaction Through Integrated Execution
Date: Jan 09, 2009 
Time: 14.00 to 14:45 PST 


Session Description
The session discusses the integration of deliveries from suppliers with merchandising, in-store operations, data synchronization, exception reporting and business intelligence. In addition, the session focuses on the value of packaging to drive consumer purchase and RFID to provide visibility in the supply chain.


Jim Rose, President and CEO, Mosaic
Avi Sokol, Senior Director, Global IT, Zoran Corp.
Jack Watson, Vice President, Global Sales, Motivating Graphics Inc.
Paul Freeman, Global Lead, Market Development and Sales, Infosys-Retail and CPG Innovation
Randy Schrock, VP Strategy Operations, BDS Marketing
Rick Becks, Senior Manager, Consumer Products and Retail, Capgemini

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