Gartner Outsourcing & IT Services Summit

Date: June 2-4, 2008
Venue: Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, UK

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Event Details
Infosys is a premier sponsor of Gartner Outsourcing and IT Services Summit in London. This year's theme is "Mastering Multisourcing - A Business Imperative."


Session Details

Session 1

Premier Panel

Topic: Alternative Delivery Models: Is The Future Already Here? 
Speaker: Sudhir Chaturvedi, Head, Manufacturing Business Unit, Europe, Infosys 

Session Description
Alternative Delivery and Acquisition Models (ADAM) such as software as a service, IT infrastructure utility, communication as a service and low cost/no cost IT services available 'in the cloud' constitute the next stage in the IT market evolution. Gartner analysts interview leading service providers on their approaches, investments and ADAM-based service offerings and ask them to demonstrate how they are helping clients during this first phase of IT services industrialization.

Speaker Profile

Sudhir Chaturvedi joined Infosys as a founding member of the U.K. operations, which have grown at a CAGR of almost 90% over the last eight years. Prior to joining Infosys, Sudhir spent 10 years in strategy and management consulting roles in the U.K. and India with companies such as KPMG and Ernst & Young.

Session 2

Solution Provider Session

Topic: Royal Philips Electronics - Journey into Finance & Accounting BPO 
Speakers: Madhavan, Senior Director, Philips International 
                    Michel de Zeeuw, Vice President, Executive Client Partner, Infosys 

Session Description
After consolidation of their global finance and accounting (F&A) operations into regional Shared Service captives, Philips has adopted a strategy of even greater cost efficiency and process optimization through outsourcing these captives. This session will focus on Philips' F&A strategy and its continuous process improvement.

Speaker Profiles

Madhavan has 18 years' experience in various finance functions in automotive, consumer goods, telecommunications and healthcare sectors. For the last 10 years, he has been with Philips in various positions and across business units in India, China, and currently in The Netherlands. He is with Philips Finance Shared Services and involved in setting up Philips' Global Captive Centre in India.

Michel has over 14 years' experience in setting up and running Shared Services in Europe and globally. Prior to joining Infosys BPO, he was Senior VP at Royal Philips, in charge of Global Finance Shared Services where he implemented a global captive organization of more than 2000 FTEs, generating 25% of savings for Philips.

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