QuEST Forum Best Practices Conference 2008

Date: September 15-19, 2008
Venue: Denver, Colorado, USA

Event Overview | Session Details

Event Overview

The ninth annual QuEST Forum Best Practices Conference focuses on enhancing quality in production, distribution and service for telecommunications. It provides practical skills to improve business results and quality integration throughout the supply chain. The key takeaway of the conference will be the effective implementation of TL 9000 quality standards.

Session Details

Session 1

Topic: Quality Improvement in Outsourcing Model
Date: Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Time: 15.40 - 17.10 MDT
Speakers: Niraj Agarwal, Business Manager, Infosys

Session description
Infosys partnered with a telecom giant based in the USA to study the current quality of deliverables and identify process improvements. We used Six-Sigma methodologies to increase the quality of deliverables, project performance and client satisfaction. This presentation will showcase our best-in-class approach.

Session 2

Topic: Product Quality Metrics and Maintainability Measurement
Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2008
Time: 08.50 - 10.20 MDT
Speakers: Saurav K. Chandra, Technical Architect, Infosys

Session description
Quantitatively assessing and controlling software quality across the software development life cycle is a challenge. This session demonstrates how Product Quality Metrics are benchmarked, tracked and analyzed during software development. It focuses on how maintainability, a primarily qualitative indicator of the code responsiveness-to-maintenance effort, has been quantified. Companies can realize benefits in terms of improvement in the quality of the end product and increased customer satisfaction.

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