SAP Conference for Utilities 2012

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Infosys is a Premium Sponsor of the SAP Conference for Utilities 2012 at Madrid

Event Details

Date: April 17 - 19, 2012
Time:08:00 - 18:30 CEST
Venue: Hotel Auditorium Madrid, Avenida de Aragón, 400, 28022 Madrid, Spain
Speaker: Wiebe Verdonk, Lead Architect, Customer Care & Billing, Essent IT BV
Anil Kumar, Program Manager, Utilities Practice, Infosys


Event Overview

SAP Conference for Utilities is a SAP-focused event in 2012 for the executives, IT decision-makers and business managers of Energy and Utility companies in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India. The event offers insights on the benefits of using SAP across the entire business value chain.

Why attend?
Learn how Essent's customer-centric focus has been made possible by Essent IT's and Infosys' approach. Our experts will share an innovative approach that leverages their strategic technology investments in SAP and employs Agile as a solution delivery methodology which ensures rapid delivery of new innovative products and services while ensuring alignment with the business strategy and objectives.

Essent is the leading producer of sustainable energy in the Netherlands and strives to provide energy using the most affordable, reliable and sustainable means possible.

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Who should attend?
This event offers valuable presentations and key insights for executives, IT decision-makers and business managers from Energy and Utilities enterprises.


Session Details

Topic: Delivering Rapid Customer-Centric Solutions: 'Agile' with SAP
Speaker: Wiebe Verdonk
Date: April 18, 2012
Time: 14:00 CEST
Venue: Hotel Auditorium Madrid, Avenida de Aragón, 400, 28022 Madrid, Spain


Speaker Profiles

Wiebe Verdonk

Wiebe Verdonk is the Lead Architect, Customer Care & Billing at Essent IT BV. Wiebe has over 8 years of solution design and development experience in SAP-based Utilities' eco-systems. Currently, he is responsible for domain strategy, architecture, reference models, innovation, and quality assurance.

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar is a Program Manager with the Utilities Practice at Infosys. Anil has over 15 years of client management, practice management and delivery management experience in the U.S., APAC and European utilities markets. Anil leads Infosys' service delivery and continuous improvement program at Essent NV, while supporting the SAP and Utilities practice development in Europe.


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