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Event Details

Date: May 15-18, 2011
Venue: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida, USA
Booth Number: 2702
Time: 07:30-19:00 EDT


Event Overview

SAPPHIRE NOW is a premier business technology conference and one of the largest SAP customer-driven conferences. The event presents an excellent opportunity for SAP customers to meet, interact and network with SAP and their partners from around the world.

Infosys, an SAP Global Services Partner, has taken up the highest level of sponsorship for the event this year. We are a Sapphire-level sponsor of SAPPHIRE NOW and the ASUG Annual Conference.

Infosys is Building Tomorrow's Enterprise by:

  • Leveraging SAP for transformation and globalization
  • Becoming a smarter organization by adhering to regulations (Governance, Risk and Compliance); demystifying supply chain complexities (Supply Chain Management); drawing the best out of people (Human Capital Management); ensuring customer satisfaction (Customer Relationship Management); optimizing SAP landscape (Run SAP)
  • Tapping the full potential of pervasive computing - make sense and money out of your data with our BI and BA solutions, pay only for what you want with our alternate Delivery Models/Platforms, ensure that your resources are always productive with our Mobility solutions

Learn more about our participation at SAPPHIRE NOW.


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