Aberdeen Supply Chain Management Summit 2011

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Event Details

Venue: Swissotel, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Date: March 29-30, 2011
Time: March 29 - 7.30-19:00 CDT
March 30 - 7:30-13:15 CDT


Event Overview

Infosys is a Sponsor at the Aberdeen Supply Chain Management Summit 2011. The Summit, in its fifth year, is a leading forum for top supply chain executives to share best practices, strategic processes, business improvements and explore innovative products and services.

The theme for the 2011 event is "From Strategy to Execution: Priorities of the Chief Supply Chain Officer." Supply chain strategy and execution have a critical influence on strategic business outcomes, pushing supply chain executives into the spotlight more than ever. C-level executives have come to view their supply chain capabilities as a competitive market differentiator. It has become imperative for the Chief Supply Chain Officer to have clear vision and plan, focused on goals of the larger enterprise.

The Summit features a unique combination of sessions that dive-deep into supply chain strategies being deployed at best-in-class enterprises, coupled with sessions that help execute these initiatives.

Infosys showcases its Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration Product Suite, a platform-driven analytical performance management suite that empowers organizations to pervasively manage the performance of their business value chain.

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